Everyone strives to have an effective telephone system but the reality is your customers are put on hold!  Are your customers left dangling? What are they hearing? Boring or irritating music? Your competitors radio commercial? Dead-Air?

On Hold Creative specializes in creating customized on hold messages for telephone systems.

  •  Callers to your business put on hold will hear a creative mix of information and music, written and produced to the highest broadcast standards.
  •  Your 4 or 8 minute on hold message plays in a continual loop.
  1. WE WORK WITHOUT A CONTRACT: To keep your business we have to earn it. That means delivering top quality messages every time.
  2. THERE ARE NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS: When you need a new message or changes to your current message, we make the required changes and invoice you for the work provided.
  3. ON HOLD CREATIVE WRITES YOUR MESSAGE: One of our writers is assigned to work with your company to develop a script which you approve twice.  First, after it has been written , then a final approval after it has been produced..
  4. COMPLIMENT YOUR ADVERTISING AND MARKETING: Incorporate sales, marketing information and current radio commercials into your on hold message. Simply e-mail us the commercial and we’ll insert it seamlessly into your message
  5.  YOU TELL US WHEN YOU WANT YOUR MESSAGE CHANGED: You never pay for messages you don’t need or can’t use. Most of our clients find it is effective to make message changes that reflect the seasonal changes in their business.
  6. EQUIPMENT AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT:  We work with your people to make sure your on hold equipment is properly installed.
  7. FINAL CHECK: Following final approval, the message can immediately be e-mailed to all of your locations. One mouse click and your message is playing on your phone system!